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All the operations at Lifecare Kenya Ltd are guided by our deeply ingrained core values. Every staff member is expected to abide by and operate under the guidance of the following values:
Provision of medical services that are of high quality, appropriate, easily accessible, affordable and effective.
Commitment to provide superior healthcare in a compassionate manner, ever mindful of each patient’s dignity,privacy and individuality.
Complete focus on growth with integrity- both for ourselves and those we serve, through a commitment to exceptional services and innovative solutions by investing in dynamic and dedicated team members and systems.
Our commitment is manifested in fast, targeted and efficient medical services to our clientele.
We listen to our clients. By understanding the client’s objectives and needs, we provide value added services and personalized healthcare solutions to corporates.
We identify client needs and improvise to introduce new departments/services/personnel in order to offer tailor-made healthcare solutions and to continuously meet the changing and improved standards of global healthcare sector.
We employ fully qualified personnel only with professional skills, and openly share these qualifications and skills with our clients.
To ensure timely and correct diagnosis during a patient’s visit,we have equipped various departments with ultra modern equipment and we persevere to continuously update our existing gear and introduce new technology.
We utilize cutting edge real time internal IT system solutions for seamless movement of samples,medicine procurement and zero-delay report generation.
We build long-term relationships with our clients and other service providers. In every relationship we observe honesty and integrity.

Mombasa City, Mombasa.