Kenya Passport Visa Requirements

Working abroad has become a common practice among many qualified professionals, but things can often become problematic when travelling to a distant country. Especially once you realise that every country has different requirements when it comes to who they let through their borders.

Each country is different, and if you don’t have a passport for where you’re travelling to, you’ll often have to make use of a Visa. But figuring out the Visa and passport requirements for each country can be troublesome and time consuming. That’s why JOBVINE has put together a map that makes it as simple as possible to find various travel information, foreign embassies, and anything else you would like to know before having to cross foreign borders.

All your possible travel requirements have been broken down and put onto a map, so that it’s simple and easy to find. That way, you can continue searching for your next overseas job while still planning your next trip abroad.

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